The Commercial and Law Enforcement rifle lines available from Knight’s Armament Company offer weapons which function in a variety of situations. From the 11.5”, 5.56 CQB SBR up to one of the 20”, long-range, precision .308 rifles, Knight’s is sure to offer a platform to meet the needs of and far exceed our customer’s expectations.

Knight’s Armament was founded over 30 years ago as an R&D firm, specializing in products which met the needs of U.S. Special Operations troops. A foundation was laid which focused on providing highly efficient gear which solved real problems and functioned in an effective and intelligent manner. That same foundation is utilized today in the designing and manufacturing of our military weapon platforms. Every weapon that is offered in our Commercial and Law Enforcement lines is a direct modeling of those military platforms. The very same materials, machines, and personnel that go into the production of our military platforms are used in the production of these Commercial and Law Enforcement weapons. This means that the reputable consistency and reliability is available to everyone who handles a weapon from Knight’s Armament Company.