February 10, 2012

Knight’s Armament SHOT Review

SHOT Show 2012 brought a record volume of Knight’s fans, new and old, through the KAC booth. The show itself boasted a record number of attendees at over 61,000 people from across the US and 100 different countries. Knight’s was proud to unveil eight new  commercially available AR models (a few revamped classics and several totally new models), several exciting modular accessories and various sundry innovations, all of which can be found in our new 2012 Commercial Catalogue available online from our KAC Homepage or by clicking here.  The first part of Milspec Monkey’s Interview with Trey Knight focuses on our 8 new commercial weapon systems:

The second portion of the interview deals more with our KAC Gear line and the Institute of Military Technology:

The Institute of Military Technology made quite a showing by exhibiting one of the many prototypes found in its galleries. A rare breech-loaded mortar, complete with recoil system and rifling, from 1929 was the center piece of IMT’s display. Trey summed up the sincere intent of the Institute by saying, “…We want to make it a place where [people] can come and learn about technical designs, mechanical designs…We really feel we’ve really lost that capability in this country…We think it’s important to take the people that have that knowledge base and transfer it into our youth so that our youth can have a future in this country of doing something other than the service industry.”

Check back often with KAC and our various sites for the latest updates and products and speak with your local dealer for information on availability and ordering. If you missed us at this year’s SHOT, be sure to make your plans now and come visit us in 2013!

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