March 21, 2012

KAC Gear Website Preliminary Launch

Knight’s Armament is excited to announce our KAC Gear website will be going live in the very near future. Many of our fans have already visited and seen some of the preliminary items we’ve posted. will feature all of Knight’s merchandise and will include branded apparel, headgear, tools, various bags and nylon goods, and artwork. Currently the site is viewable but not active just yet. Once our inventory is properly stocked and we’ve organized everything in order to bring our customers the most seamless experience, anyone will be able to order directly from Since this website is separate from, our fans in restricted states (such as California) and outside of the United States will be able to purchase merchandise. Be sure to check back often with us to get the latest in news and product information and keep on the lookout for the official launch of

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KAC Gear is Live!
KAC Gear is Live!
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