July 20, 2011

The Institute of Military Technology

Knight’s Armament boasts of an impressive and expansive collection of items related to Armored Warfare, Military Vehicles and Significant Memorabilia for both military and civilian applications known as the Institute of Military Technology. Located at our main headquarters here in Titusville, Florida, it exists to Preserve, Educated and Motivate anyone who peruses this extensive collection.

We find that The IMT is much more than a museum by realizing a greater potential in research and development as well as being an effective tool in education. Just this month the IMT served to assist in educating students of UCF’s forensic studies on the firearms they might encounter while operating in their careers.

Students from UCF's Forensic Studies tour IMT

Head over to the IMT’s website (http://www.instmiltech.com) for more information and even take a Virtual Tour of the different sections. The Institute of Military Technology: Preserve, Educate and Motivate.