August 12, 2011

Knight’s Recognizes ‘SGT G’ of the 82nd Airborne

Knight’s Armament Company knows that the products we design and manufacture do not serve merely to profit our company – but that these products will be in the hands of
our Nation’s Military and Law Enforcement Units. Our motto, “When your life is on the line…,” expresses our understanding that these weapons and accessories exist to give our Forces every advantage through the latest and most proficient technology available, so that they can return home to their families and loved ones. Below is a short letter we received from one of our Nation’s superb fighting men:

To whom it may concern,
     Just wanted to say thank you for building a platform as useable and amazing as the M110. This sniper is forever in your debt. My entire deployment was spent on a sniper team and your SASS was by far the best all around tool we used. I could actually say without the capability you have added to my team this sniper might not be with his family now. Thank you in all you do and for having the initiative to field such a tool. I cannot say thank you enough.  

82nd ABN DIV

'SGT G' of the 82nd Airborne Division with his M110.

KAC would like to recognize ‘SGT G’ and every member of our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement and say that we are forever in your debt. A sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to all our fighting men and women from Knight’s Armament Company.

If you have a story or photograph using our products in the line of duty, do not
hesitate to contact us here at KAC. We’d love to hear from you.