May 9, 2012

US Snipers Changing Warfare – USA Today

A recent article found on USA Today speaks of the vital role our Snipers are playing in military operations around the world: specifically, Iraq and Afghanistan. Besides the intense amount of training these snipers endure and the sort of attributes the military looks for when selecting people for the job, this article discusses how the role of the sniper has changed since WWII. While WWII era snipers were expected to hit a target at about 600 yards in ideal conditions, the modern sniper can accurately tag their objective from well over a half-mile away at night or in other adverse conditions. It goes on to speak of the psychological battering produced by these fighting men. As they delivered deadly accurate shots from all angles and in all conditions, the enemy forces saw them as more of a threat than the artillery and troop battalions. Knight’s Armament is proud to contribute to the technologies and equipment necessary for our snipers to dominate on the modern battle field. From our original SR25 platform which developed into the Mk11, to the latest M110K-series, Knight’s has and always will provide the latest, most efficient and most reliable tools to these unique fighters. Read the full article here.