Knight’s Armament Company was founded as a Research & Development facility more than 30 years ago. Knight’s has since evolved into a premier weapons manufacturer offering complete weapon systems, modular accessories and Knight Vision electro-optics. Knight’s is best known for the advanced developments in weapon designs and accessories, with R&D, manufacturing, assembly and testing all performed at our facility in Titusville, FL.

C. Reed Knight Jr. originally founded Knight’s Armament to focus on products which met the needs of U.S. Special Forces. KAC has grown into one of the largest small arms facilities in the US. With the collaboration of Mr. Eugene Stoner, KAC has developed some of the most innovative modern weapon designs ever conceived. From Mr. Knight’s first developments in signature reduction devices, to the collaborations with Mr. Stoner that produced our renowned weapon systems, the development of his patented rail system, and then the Knight Vision electro-optics, Knight’s Armament has consistently provided innovative, reliable and functional weapon systems and accessories.

Various units from all branches of our Nation’s military rely on the imperishable reliability of Knight’s Armament weapons and accessories. These items are specifically manufactured at our Titusville facility to perform consistently and reliably when it matters most for our Uniformed Service Members. Whether the application calls for Knight’s renowned M110SASS, one of the several highly effective SR16 models, or a specialized weapon such as Knight’s Stoner LMG or 6x35mm weapons, Knight’s Armament Company is sure to provide the a platform that far exceeds standards and expectations.