June 10, 2011

KAC Product Highlight #1: 45° Offset Rail Mounted Micro Folding Sights

KAC Product Highlights give an in-depth look at new and innovative ideas brought to you by Knight’s Armament Company.

Our first KAC Product Highlight is on our new line of 45° Offset Rail Mounted Micro Folding Sights.  These Offset Sights are invaluable when you are using a scope, or high mounted optic, which in turn means you are not able to use your iron sights at the same time.

The above rifle is an M-110 Carbine/SR-25 EMC equipped with our new 45° Offset Rail Mounted Micro Folding Sights in conjunction with a magnified day-optic.  Whether the user is competing in a 3 Gun Competition, in the line of duty, or for home defense, Offset Sights are used so the shooter can slightly cant the weapon, and have immediate access.  This is much quicker than pulling off an optic with your favorite QD system.

The following photos show our new Offset Sights in a variety of arrangements of being lowered and out of the way and also in their raised position so that the end-user can see the advantages of having them as an added accessory to their rifle that can be quickly deployed if and when they are needed.

Also, it should be noted that the front sight is adjustable for elevation; and the rear sight can be adjusted not only for windage, but also for ranges between 200-600 meters.  Please contact Knight’s Armament Company for any further questions or ordering information.