July 19, 2012

Knighthawk Package Still Available

The collaboration between Nighthawk Pistols, Strider Knives, and Knight’s Armament produced a popular trio of excellent quality weapons. This package was made in a limited run of 100 pieces and there are still several packages available for purchase. It consists of a custom built KAC SR-15 rifle that boasts an E3 Bolt, Ambidextrous Controls, 16” Hammer Forged Ball-Mill Lightened Barrel, URX II rail system, and custom dimpled furniture. The .45 ACP 1911, produced by the highly experienced crew at Nighthawk, also boasts the dimpled theme and comes with all the rugged and highly reliable features which Nighthawk products are reputed for. The third piece comes from the fantastic folks at Strider Knives and consists of a folding blade emblazoned with the KAC Crest. Strider is known for the highest quality materials and rugged construction of their blades which keep their edge and hold up to the most abusive use. This trio was created in a limited run of 100 pieces and are all marked as such. Check with your local dealer or contact the Sale’s Dept. here at Knight’s for more information on the latest price and availability of this collection.