July 22, 2011

Knight’s M-110C featured in the latest SHOTGUN NEWS, Aug 2011

Be sure to check out the latest edition of SHOTGUN NEWS to catch Peter G. Kokalis’ article on Knight’s M110C. After a brief history of the company’s origin and distribution of the M-110, Mr. Kokalis goes on to detail the inner workings of the weapon itself and applicable accessories.  He even goes into a detailed explanation of how Sound Suppressors operate and a quick evaluation of the proficiency of Knight’s 762 QDC (Be on the lookout for future blogs featuring Knight’s full array of Sound Suppressors). Where the real ingenuity of the M-110C is seen though, is during the actual firing tests and evaluations done by Mr. Kokalis and his team. To summarize what they found, “The SHOTGUN NEWS field staff was unanimously impressed with the M110C…the M110 is the finest semiautomatic sniper weapon system ever fielded.”

Latest edition of SHOTGUN NEWS with the featured M110C

A special thanks goes out to Peter G. Kokelis and team as well as SHOTGUN NEWS. Be sure to check out their August edition for all the details. (http://www.shotgunnews.com/)