July 29, 2011

Knight’s Suppressors/Signature Reduction Devices

For 26 years, KAC has been designing, testing and manufacturing Sound Suppressors, Muzzles Brakes and Flash Suppressors. We’ve gone from designing our products using trial and error methods to utilizing the latest in finite element analysis programs to accurately predict stress levels, thermal characteristics and sound reduction levels of our Suppressors. KAC’s dedication to quality is evidenced in our being the largest supplier of Suppressors to the US Government, with our QDSS-NT-4 being the only Suppressor to meet or exceed the US Government’s requirement for a 15k round service life. And of course, all of our products feature our QDC (Quick Disconnect Coupler) for quick and efficient interoperability between Suppressors.

Shown from Top to Bottom: 762 QDC Suppresor; MAMS QDC Brake; QDC Flash Suppressor; 556 QDC Suppressor

Sound Suppressors are only a portion of the quality products available from Knight’s. We also feature our full array of MAMS (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) Brakes (with a truly neutral bias) that can reduce recoil up to 60% while diffusing high pressure muzzle gas, creating a Brake that is much more forgiving when used in QCB. Knight’s also boasts a full array of Flash Suppressors featuring our QDC system. Some of our latest designs even posses the ability to reduce first round flash signature by up to 99% from conventional designs. Be sure to stay alert for the latest news and Suppressor products available from Knight’s Armaments Company.