AN/PVS-22 A1

AN/PVS-22 A1

Universal Night Sight Mid-Range

The AN/PVS-22 A1 clip-on Weapon Sight adds the latest high performance night vision to the venerable AN/PVS-22. The catadioptric lens provides high performance light collection with an effective f1.2 in a light weight design. For use with up to 10x magnification day optics, the PVS-22 has been in service on systems from the M4 to the M24, and now accepts both AA and CR123 single cell batteries in the improved A1 version. 


Size: 7.3” (142mm) long, 3.6” (92mm) high, 1.43” (36mm) to optical centerline

Weight:1.75lbs. (.79 kg)

Finish: Black matte or Desert Sand Brown, Corrosion Resistant

Controls: Pull On/Off Gain Control Knob, Manual Focus Ring

Power: One standard AA battery, or one CR 123 battery (Single Interchangeable Battery™)

Mount: KAC single throw lever to MIL-STD-1913 rail

Waterproof: 3 ft. for 4 hours 66 ft optional

Optical Characteristics:

Lens Design: 68mm Catadioptic Lens Design

Magnification: 1X (unity)

Focus Range: 20 Meters to Infinity

Bore Sight: PATENTED (US PATENT 7,142,357) Alignment technology proven in thousands of delivered sniper sights

Image Intensification: ANVIS 18mm Configuration Image Intensified Tubes FOM Restrictions For Export May Apply

Performance Characteristics:

Range: Recognize a Standing Man under Starlight: >500m

Recognize a Standing Man under 1/4 Moon: >700m

Recognize a Vehicle Under Starlight: >850m

Recognize a Vehicle under 1/4 Moon: >1000m

Bore Sight: Factory Bore Sight to within .5 MOA of alignment to the day scope point of impact

Boresight Retention: 0.5 MOA over 300 rounds, 300 WIN MAG firing Schedule

Weapons Certification:Tested for use on weapons up to and including .50 caliber rifles

Cheek Weld: Unchanged

Eye Relief: Unchanged

Bullet Impact:Unchanged