Wire Mgmt

Wire MGMT P/N:31560
Keymod Wire Management Kit The KAC Wire Management Panel Kit is a simple, clean solution that eliminates the need for zip ties, rubber bands, or other creative methods of securing a weapon light's pressure pad and connecting wire. The kit consists of 2 Wire Management Panels that incorporate molded projections for routing wires against a rifle's forend, as well as 1 Pressure Pad Holder for securing a Surefire Scout Light pressure switch in place anywhere a Keymod slot is present. This kit was designed primarily for use with Surefire M300 and M600 Scout Lights, but would also be useful for corralling unruly wires from laser designator pressure switches. Compatible with all handguards that have a Keymod interface.  
Wire Management Panel Length: 5.5"
Material: Polymer
6 Position Independent Leg Angle Adjustment, From 90 to 270 Degrees
Kit Contents: 2x Wire Management Panels, 1x
Pressure Pad Keymod Interface