Dual Channel Fused PVS-30

The UNS-F clip-on weapon sight is a combination of the Knights Armament Company very successful AN/PVS-30 and a high resolution 12 micron detector resulting in a Fused Clip on Weapon Sight. (UNS-F) The UNS-F provides the user with a combination of Image intensified and thermal images in the same system. Where the user can switch from Thermal to Night Vision or combine both with an image that has the thermal information (full thermal or outline) in the image intensified field of view. The image intensified Channel consists of an 18mm Anvis tube (FOM restriction may apply for export) and 120MM Refractive Telephoto objective with the same performance characteristics as the PVS-30. The thermal channel is a 320 x 240,12 micron detector using an approx. 40mm Focal length IR refractive lens of fixed focus. The thermal is used to indicate targets in the image intensified scene. Boresight Accuracy Retention (BAR) as well as a host of Knights Armament clip on weapon sight attributes are included in the UNS-F.


Size:10” (255mm) ling, 4.2” (107mm) high, 1.5” (38mm) to optical center

Weight: 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg)

Finish: Flat Black Matte or Desert Sand Brown, Corrosion Resistant

Controls: On/Off Gain Control Knob, Both Channels, Rear Focus Lever

Power: Three AA Lithium Batteries

Battery Life: >8 hours 0° C

Mount: KAC 26597 for Quick Attach /Detach to MIl-STD-1913 Rail or equivalent mounting surface

FOV: 9° (Image Intensified) 6° (Thermal)

Waterproof: 3 ft. for 4 hours

Optical Characteristics:

Operating Modes: Clip-On Weapon Sight

Lens Design: 120MM Refractive Telephoto Lens Image Intensified / 50MM Refractive Thermal

Magnification: Unity

Focus Range: 20 Meters to Infinity

Boresight: nted (US Patent 7,142,357) alignment technology proven in thousands of delivered sniper sights

Sensors: IS 18 MM configuration Image Intensified Tube 320 x 240, 12 Micron Thermal Detector, 15 (or 9.6) Micron eMagin Display

Performance Characteristics:

Range: Recognize a Standing Man under Starlight: >800 m

Recognize a Standing Man under 1/4 Moon: >1000 m

Recognize a Vehicle Under Starlight: >1000 m

Recognize a Vehicle under 1/4 Moon: >1500m

Bore Sight:.05 MOA

Boresight Retention: .05 MOA

Weapons Certification:Tested for use on weapons up to and including .50 caliber rifles

Cheek Weld: Unchanged

Eye Relief: Unchanged

Bullet Impact:Unchanged