Modular Thermal Sight

The FIRE-M is a compact, high resolution, near to mid-range, long wave infrared imaging device that is optimized for head-borne or handheld viewing or utilized as a clip-on inline optic enhancer. Ease of use is enhanced by easy to reach controls and a simplified user interface regardless of how the device is utilized. When placed in front of a magnified optic, image quality allows usable magnification up to the 6x range. Mounting interface is compatible with KVC’s line of dovetail mounting solutions, MIL-STD 1913 mounting options, and legacy head/helmet mounts.


Size: 3.86” (98mm) Long, 2.29” (58mm) Wide, 1.535” (39mm) optical centerline with MIL-STD 1913 mount.

Weight: 8.4oz without mount or accessories

Configuration: 11.2 oz w/ Dovetail, 12.3 oz w/ Standard Mount, 13.6 oz w/ Flip Mount

Material: 6061 and 7075 Aluminum body and mounting interfaces

Finish: Type II Anodize black, FDE Cerakote available

Battery Life: 1X CR123 1.5HRS, 2X CR123 2.5HRS, 3X CR123 4.5HRS

Digital I/O: Commercial USB-C

Detector: 640 X 512 10μm

Display: 1280 X 1024 9.6μm

Frame Rate: 60 Hz

Boresight: <1 MOA shift from day optic point of impact

Shock/Vibe: Typical 5.56/7.62 SR

FOV: 25 degree Diagonal, 20 degree Horizontal, 15 degree Vertical

Magnification: 1x, with digital 2x, 3x, and 4x magnification

Lens: Hard carbon coated Germanium front lens

Environmental: MIL-STD-810G

DRI Ranges: DETECT: Clear Air 660m – Obscured Conditions 495m, RECOGNIZE: Clear Air 400m – Obscured Conditions 300m, IDENTIFY: Clear Air 55m – Obscured Conditions 42m


The FIRE-M is compatible with most commercially available helmet mounts and MIL-STD 1913 rails. KAC offers a matrix of accessories which allows the user to configure their device for specific missions.