Weapon Features

Carbon Cutter Bolt Carrier

The Carbon Cutter Bolt Carrier is a system Knight’s developed to help increase reliability and longevity in our rifles, particularly while firing suppressed. The serrated edges along the carrier’s lower edges serve a dual purpose: The first is to pull away any foreign material; the second is to provide an area for lubrication to pool.

The weapon will cycle and physically move the bolt carrier. When this happens, the serrated edges will draw away any foreign material that builds up along its path. This helps to provide a cleaner surface for the weapon to cycle through. The second benefit to those serrations is that they provide an area for lubrication to pool. Lubrication will normally be applied across the flat surface of the carrier and wear off. The slight pooling effect gained by these areas helps to keep the lubrication from wearing off too quickly and reapplies it when the carrier cycles. The overall effect of this Carbon Cutter Bolt Carrier is a cleaner, more reliable weapon over a longer period of time.