Weapon Features

Pressure Reduction

Our Pressure Reduction system is a feature designed to increase controllability and soften the rifle’s perceived recoil. This is achieved by employing unique lengths in our gas tubes and buffer tubes. On the 16” SR25 EC and ECC models we utilize a rifle length gas system coupled with a buffer tube that is ¾” longer than the standard carbine length buffer. In some of the SR15 and SR16 models, KAC employs a similar system of lengthened components to achieve the same result.

By using this setup, the energy released when firing is spread out over more time within the weapon. This helps to relieve vertical kick in addition to a reduction in the rearward recoil force that is absorbed by a shooter’s shoulder. Various parts in the weapon system also see an increase in service life under this system. Our Pressure Reduction system serves to increase reliability and decrease fouling, especially in suppressed usage.