Weapon Features

Quick Detach Coupler

The Quick Detach Coupler (QDC) line of Sound Suppressors and Muzzle Devices are proprietary items designed for secure interoperability. The coupling device itself consists of multiple ball bearings arrayed in a circular pattern which fit into sockets specifically machined into various muzzle devices to accept the QDC. The bearings are aligned with the sockets by way of a V-shaped notch that seats the device onto an index pin. Once aligned, a simple twist of the outer retaining ring locks the device securely into place.

This system was developed to provide fast and easy operation and interoperability between weapons and suppressors. Knight's QDC line of sound suppressors all feature this method of attachment. Various muzzle devices, such as the QDC Flash Suppressors and the MAMS muzzle break, also feature the QDC pockets to accept sound suppressors equipped with this coupling device. Secure interoperability and intelligent, efficient design are the intended goals of this quick and easy technology.