The 5.56mm Light Assault Machine Gun from Knight’s Armament Company delivers the needed sustained volume of fire to an assault element at a low enough weight to keep pace with an assault. With a low cyclic rate of 550-600 rounds per minute, and constant-recoil/spring run-out operation, it is more controllable than other machine guns in its class at a significantly lower weight than average. Classic machine gun features such as a quick-change barrel, compatibility with M27 links, and M249/Mk46 drum type clip attachment are standard.  

Barrel:   15” (38.1cm) 1:7 Twist, Hammer Forged, Chrome Lined

Caliber:  5.56mm NATO

Weight:   11.4lbs (5.1kg)

Length:   35.5” (90cm) - 39” (99cm) 

Hammer Forged
Belt Fed Weapon
Quick Detach Coupler
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