SR-25 URX 3.1 Forend Assembly, 13.5″ Length

SR-25 URX 3.1 Forend Assembly, 13.5″ Length


The KAC 7.62 URX 3.1 Rail is a free floating, fully modular replacement forend for the SR-25 platform. Unlike traditional quad rail designs, the URX 3.1 incorporates short sections of M1913 Picatinny rail at its front and rear ends for mounting tactical accessories, eliminating the commonly unused sections of rail for reduced overall weight and a more comfortable grip. A total of 4 integral QD sling swivel sockets are provided for ambidextrous sling compatibility. Add-on KAC URX 3.1 Rail Panels and additional rail sections allow shooters to customize the forend to their needs (both sold separately).

Rifle Requirements: It is recommended that this SR-25 URX 3.1 be used with a rifle length gas system only due to potential interference issues if a gas block were to be run underneath the rail. Disassembly of the rifle’s gas system and removal of the factory barrel nut will be necessary. This forend uses a proprietary barrel nut that MUST be installed using a KAC SR-25 URX Barrel Nut Wrench (PN: 23383, Sold Separately). Compatible with SR-25 or similar rifle variants only; not for use with AR-10?s. Installation instructions, barrel nut and hardware are included.  


Weight: 14.2oz

Length: 13.5″

Free Float: Yes

Material: Aluminum

Finish:Black Anodizing


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