The Universal Bridge is a lightweight (96g), highly adaptive interface component for use with a variety of image intensified, DVO, or digital systems. Compatible/adaptive to a wide range of legacy electro-optic devices via common shoe-type interface, or modification adapter (PVS 14/MUM/MINI-NSEAS) hardware. Designed for a multitude of devices and mission options, single bridge allows use with the PVS-14, MUM, and other electro-optics systems. Via adaptive shoe-type components, convert to various devices in seconds. Exceeds all present manufacturers inter-pupillary adjustment, weight, and modularity at lesser cost than competing systems. Unique design allows for a variety of mixed type or like modules to be used either independently or in tandem. Extends adjustability and personal customization beyond any currently offered product with highly adaptive compatibility. Adjusts for helmet standoff, inter-pupillary distance, helmet mount drop, and helmet interface wobble adjustment.