Stoner LMG

One of the final weapon designs to come from one of America’s foremost weapon designers, Mr. Eugene Stoner, is the 5.56mm Stoner Light Machine Gun (LMG). This weapon is the world’s most lightweight, versatile, and controllable, belt-fed machine gun in its class. Firing from the open-bolt position, the typical recoil effects expected from other systems are mitigated in the LMG. Absence of a bolt buffer means there is no impact of the bolt on the end of its stroke, making the gun very easy to control even in long bursts. The LMG features a modular MIL-STD-1913 forend with four rail adapters and an under-slung capability for accepting standard 5.56 mm belted ammunition containers. The weapon is extremely accurate due to the secure mounting of the quick change barrel, and the reduced length feed cover design, which accommodates loading and unloading without disturbing the zero of the rear sight.