August 10, 2011

Knight Vision

For the last 20 years, Knight’s Armament Company has held a key position in the areas of development and integration of night vision products. KAC’s night sighting and sniper rifle integration efforts during the 1990’s were responsible for the creation and early operation of what is labeled today as a “clip-on” night sight. This clip-on sight eliminated the consequential loss of zero and this very same technology was incorporated into KAC’s development of its original UNS. KAC continues this tradition of quality and innovation and has recently been awarded extensive military contracts for two of our night vision scopes: The AN/PVS-30 and the AN/PAS-31, with the PAS-31 being the Long Range Thermal Sight. Both of these products are “in-line,” clip-on night vision optics that can extend the range of engagement by up to 1000 meters and extend the range of target identification exponentially, as well. These scopes operate on either a single AA or DL123 battery and the PVS-30 boasts the capability of operating for several hours on a seemingly ‘dead’ DL123 salvaged from another piece of electronic gear. Head over to the ‘Knight
’ portion of our website for a listing of many of KAC’s night vision products and a detailed listing of their specifications.

Left to Right: AN/PAS-31 and AN/PVS-30